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Yet another flaw in the law is that a person can give permission for sex while sober. Most people tend to go to bars and parties for one reason, to get drunk and screw. So a convicted sex offender could make a similar petition, not challenging the original conviction but satisfying the court that she or he has fully complied with all probation or parole conditions for a stated period of time e. If the chick in the picture wanted to rape me, I would be ok with that. The best sell to John Q Public is showing that these registries not only are completely ineffective at protecting anyone, they actually make people less safe. My dad would have shook his head and smirked, and probably high fived me later.

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A 14 year old by law I assume in OK, it is in NY is NOT capable of giving consent so sex with a 19 year old considered an adult is sex without consent on his part and as such rape.

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Whether she's applying her lipstick or calling out Andrew McCarthy's snobbery, we're with her all the way. That's the point of picking an age to set as the limit. Is there any evidence that these registries have any actual benefit for public safety? Which shows just how worthless the right to vote is, compared to the rights listed in the Bill of Rights. Send your thoughts Thank you.

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